It’s finally time for some outdoor audio in Salt Lake City

I am so excited that the weather is finally warming up which means it’s time to install or upgrade your outdoor audio system.  I really enjoy installing outdoor audio systems it’s great to integrate the outdoors with music both things I love. Here are a few types of speakers that are designed for outdoor use.


Outdoor Audio Speaker Types


Patio Speakers

We install patio speakers on the side of the patio or under the eve.  These are fully waterproof and made to withstand the harsh elements, therefore giving you years of enjoyment in your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Audio Patio Speaeker

Landscape Speakers

Landscape speakers allow us to provide music throughout the outdoor living space this include pools, walkways, firepits while still being able to place the speakers discreetly.


Outdoor Audio Under ground Subwoofer


Rock Speaker

We use rock speakers in areas where the client wants to match the surrounding landscape this gives them great sound quality and still lets us discreetly place the speakers.


Outdoor Audio Rock Speaker



Outdoor Audio Subwoofer Types

Underground Subwoofer

This might be my favorite part of a outdoor audio system.  Using underground subwoofer we can bury the whole enclosure underground and still have earth pounding bass, which always puts a smile on my clients face.

Outdoor Audio Underground Subwoofer

Patio Subwoofer

We use patio subwoofers when the only placement options is concrete or rock and we need a subwoofer.

Outdoor Audio Patio Sub



Rock Subwoofer

We are able to blend these subwoofers into the rocky terrain and still give our clients amazing bass.

Outdoor Audio Rock Sub

 System Design


We start by walking the property and discussing what the clients desires are. I then do an acoustical analysis of the space and put together a ballpark price.  If this is acceptable then we move on to the design and engineering phase.   During this phase I will provide full documentation along with a plan view and a elevation view of the project.  We then start designing the interface that the client will be using to control the system.  Finally we scheduling  the installation of the project.

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