Salt Lake City’s home theater design and install process

Use this basic guide line when going through the Salt Lake City’s home theater design process to achieve the best experience.  Give me a call if you have any questions or need any direction. Here is a link to my website.


Room Design

Designing the correct room is the most important part of the Salt Lake City’s home theater process.  There are many calculators out there that will help with the process here is a simple one that will give you a good starting point.  I would then use more complicated processes to figure out the best seating positions and optimal size of screen.


Speaker Choices

I’ve  always advise my clients to use bookshelf speakers and multiply subwoofers.  I prefer to use bookshelf speakers over in-wall or floor standing  speakers because of their flexibility to angle them in the room, which is important when calibrating a home theater.  The front speakers will only be playing down to 80 hertz so there is no need for large floor standing speakers that are not flexible when it comes to placement.



Whenever possible use at a minimum two subwoofers and preferably four.  This gives you the opportunity to activate some of the room modes which will give every seat in the theater a flat, smooth response.  The process of blending four subwoofers into a theater room is a complicated process and takes the right testing equipment and knowledge. The results are amazing if done correctly!



Once you get everything else installed and sounding and looking good it’s time to fine tune the system.  This is done using optical testing devices along with professional microphones.  This process usually takes anywhere from eight to ten hours to dial in a Dolby Atmos theater.  I have attended numerous hours of training over the years so I can accomplish this process efficiently.  If you want the projector and speakers to disappear into a life like experience this step has to be done correctly.


If you’ll follow these basic Salt Lake City’s home theater design steps you will be able to get more enjoyment while watching  a movie or your favorite sporting event if you want any help you can find me here.