Home automation system design steps

The design and engineering phase of home automation systems is what separates the elite integrator’s from the rest.  The goal is to design and install systems that will work for decades with no maintenance while make sure that every part of the system integrates seamlessly and is easy to use.  This process takes a lot of knowledge and time but in the end it’s always the details that make the difference.


Home Automation Plan View 

Is designed help all contractors (HVAC, Drywall, Electricians, Framers) get on the same page giving a full layout of where all components and wiring is going to be placed.  We also call out the labeling for each wire on this page which help when connecting cabling later in the project.

Home Theater Plan View




Home Automation Schematic View

Provides exact cabling and connection specifications for every wire, insuring clients end up with high quality parts and connectors throughout the project.  To often I have seen jobs where nothing is specified and client end up with low grade wiring and connections because nothing was specified from the start.  We also call out each individual wire number ensuring nothing is missed and the home automation system works flawlessly.


Home Automation Rack View

Will give you a detailed specification on all products that will be in the home automation rack.  We use this to plan for cooling and power considerations.  This also will determine how much rack space is necessary for each project.

Home Automation Rack View


Home Theater Elevation View

Gives clients a visual representation of what the final home automation project will look like in their room.  This will help when deciding what size of projector or television will be more visually pleasing.  This is also where we call out the dimensions for speaker and screen placement so the other trades working on the project are all on the same page.


Home Theater Elevation View


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