Prewiring your house correctly.

I have spent a lot of time lately walking through new homes and most have been wired incorrectly.  Unfortunately in our industry there is no required licensing and most people have no formal training. Here are a few things I have seen that are being done incorrectly. I also include some tips to make sure you are prewiring your house correctly.

Things to avoid while prewiring your house.

  • Don’t run low voltage cabling to one spot and then speaker wire and other cables to a separate area.
  • Avoid using low grade cabling.
  • Don’t use small low voltage panels.
  • Avoid putting the panels in the garage or out in the open.
  • Try not to use single gang boxes for speaker locations.

In the past,we would run all cables into small low voltage enclosure because all we had to worry about was cable and telephones cabling.  Now we have the internet, IP cameras,  wireless access points and smart televisions.   We need a larger area to put the components to run all these new devices. They will not all fit in a low voltage enclosures, we need racks or shelves.

Correct way to prewire your house.

  • Run all low voltage cables to the same location.
  • Have extra cables at every location.
  • Use speaker rings at each speaker locations.
  • Make sure there is a place to put an equipment rack.
  • Use CAT 6.
  • Have a dedicated wire runs for access points.

I hope this helps you in prewiring your house correctly.

Here is an example of a heat map.

Wifi Heatmap